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What are the Elysium Chronicles?

A connected universe of immersive live-action events for Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition

Experience a new era of live-action World of Darkness games with the Elysium Chronicles, created by Jackalope Live Action Studios.

Enter a dark and beautiful world of passion and power as you play out the shadowy affairs and grim realities of the powerful and corrupt Camarilla. Your choices will change and steer a living World of Darkness as you alter the course of the Camarilla’s intrigues and play its vicious politics.

Jackalope Live Action Studios, in cooperation with White Wolf Entertainment, starts a new era in live-action role-playing in the World of Darkness – The Elysium Chronicles. Beginning in 2020, The Elysium Chronicles is a series of epic blockbuster events held in elegant and evocative destination locations, playing out the struggles and intrigues of the vicious and decaying conspiracy of vampires – the Camarilla. Ambition mixes with passion and betrayal as player choices determine the path of the Camarilla through the Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition world.

Elysium Chronicles offers an all-inclusive journey into the World of Darkness. Tickets include luxurious accommodations, catered meals, and a curated live experience of the World of Darkness in elegant and evocative destination locations, from isolated mansions to beautiful ballrooms.

Jackalope is planning The Chronicles in cycles of three major live-action (LARP) events throughout North America. Each event is set months apart with the story progressing in real time, and returning players have the chance to reprise their previous roles, or explore new personas. These events consist of a weekend of roleplay experiences, ranging from the deeply intimate to the intensely political. They play out the grim realities and cruel hypocrisies of the powerful but corrupt vampiric sect, the Camarilla. At the start of each new cycle, a new storyline and characters are created to tell a new story about the world of Vampire: the Masquerade.

In addition to the all-inclusive Chronicle events, the Elysium Chronicle team supports smaller, focused Vignette experiences. Vignette events are typically single night experiences, produced at pop-up sites and conventions throughout North America. Players can step into the Elysium Chronicles world as new characters exploring other aspects of the living World of Darkness, from raving Anarchs to blood cult zealots. Vignette events can also affect the flow of the Chronicles while exploring the ripples of choices made elsewhere.

A tapestry of stories and events, a living World of Darkness

The Elysium Chronicles will be run in Cycles, each one telling an overarching story of political horror and dark passions in the World of Darkness. Each Cycle centers around three Chronicle events, held months apart. The Chronicle events are high-immersion all-inclusive live-action events, telling the story of the Camarilla’s Byzantine efforts in these modern nights. These core events trace the central story of each cycle. They are held throughout North America at epic locations over several days.

But there are many factions and voices within the World of Darkness. Want to attend an Anarch Rave and call for a revolution in the wake of the Camarilla’s latest transgressions? You can. Want to hold sinister rituals in a blood cult manipulating great powers behind the scene? You will. Vignettes are more intimate one-night events, allowing players to explore different aspects of the World of Darkness in detail, and influence the Cycle’s story.

Being Bad and Looking Good in Beautiful Places

What do we mean by destination locations? Our team reserves amazing places and spaces to play Vampire like you never have before. At our Chronicle events, you might play in the halls of marble-clad museums, the mezzanines of 19th century baroque hotels or the ballrooms of Greek revival mansions. The Elysium Chronicles take you to places of beauty and transport you into the halls of immortal power.

With our vignette events, we create spaces in bars, music venues and other unique spaces to create a slice of our living World of Darkness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new fan club running a national chronicle?

No. The Elysium Chronicles are sets of individual experiences linked together. The plots and characters are created by Jackalope Live Action Studios and its creative team, with input from the participants. Vignette events are one-shots with a similar structure. There are no plans to have local chapters or continuous local play.

What rules are you using?

The Elysium Chronicles are consent-based, bespoke LARP experiences, similar to Jackalope Studio’s previous World of Darkness blockbuster experience The Night in Question and Participation Design Agency’s events End of the Line and Enlightenment in Blood. Players will collaborate to create immersive dramatic experiences. The events will not use the traditional Mind’s Eye Theater or other commercially-available LARP rules.

Where and when will the Elysium Chronicles events be held?

The Elysium Chronicles will be run throughout the United States at major destination locations. The location of the first Chronicle game will be announced when it is available. It is slated to begin in Q4 2020, with tickets going on sale in Q2 2020. Vignette games will start after the first Chronicle game concludes.

How much will the events cost?

Tickets will cover luxury hotel rooms, curated meals, and include many other perks; while events will be held at unique and evocative rented locations. Because of that, we expect packages to begin at several hundred dollars or more. The aim is to create an all-inclusive experience, and offer outstanding value for the package being offered.

Can I make my own character?

Characters will be created and linked together by the Elysium Chronicles creative team. Player surveys and feedback will help match a player to the types of experiences they wish to have. There is no traditional open-ended character creation.

How can I stay in the loop?

Sign up for our mailing list. Like the Jackalope Live Action Studio’s Facebook page and follow our Twitter. We will be sharing details about how to get involved, how to buy tickets and how to host Vignettes in your own city.

How can I help?

Are you interested in writing, supporting or hosting the Elysium Chronicles? Have an idea for a site we can hold them at? Awesome! Sign up at the links above and we will be putting out calls for writers and other helpers.

I’m excited! How can I get ready for the Elysium Chronicles launch?

If you’ve signed up at the links above, think about purchasing some of the award-winning Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition books to learn more about the newest developments in the World of Darkness. If you want to learn more about the bespoke-style LARP, take a look at going to our retro-90s horror event, The Night in Question this November!